Dry Lining

Dry Lining

Is your energy bill too high and your home cold in winter? Did you know you could be losing up to 35% of your homes heat through poorly insulated walls? Want to reduce heat loss, improve efficiency whilst making long term savings? Then Internal Wall Insulation is the perfect solution.

Insulating the walls of your home is the equivalent to wrapping your home in a warm blanket. Internal Wall Insulation, also known as Insulated Dry Lining is fitted to the inner surfaces of the external walls and designed to prevent heat loss. Internal wall insulation does not affect the exterior appearance of the property. Although this method of insulation suits all property types, this insulation solution is normally used in older homes with solid or hollow block walls where cavity wall insulation is not possible. So if you own an old stone house then dry lining is the perfect option to making your home warmer.

When fitting dry lining insulation the existing plaster is removed to bring the wall back to the blockwork, then the Kingspan Insulation dry lining board of a chosen thickness is fitted, a plaster skim is applied to the wall and finally the skirting boards and fixings are fitted. Dry lining insulation is also a brilliant way to update your homes interior.


  • Up to 35% of your homes heat is lost through the walls of the property
  • Internal Wall Insulation will save you money on energy bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint
  • Improve air tightness and stop draughts
  • You will Immediately feel a noticeable increase in comfort levels in your home
  • Grants are available from the SEAI for this insulation upgrade for houses build before 2006

Walter Moran Insulation can insulate your property with minimum disruption using the best Kingspan products. Call us today to organise a free property assessment and quotation.